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Mental mapping visualizes the imaginary maps people carry in their minds to navigate in geographic space. Sorin Matei has found an efficient way to make these maps visible and analyzable with quantitative methods. Read more!

Mental Map Editor

Mental Map Editor is a solution for creating questionnaire, asking a CAPI interview for mental maps and to interpret the results. MME is the first attempt on the world to integrate together 3 kinds of data analysis: space informatics, analytical and relational data. László Letenyei, Botond Borbély Read more!

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Mental Map Editor



The software has 4 parts:


1. Creating a questionnaire

2. Asking people with Computer Assisted Personal Interview, according to László Letenyei's flexible survey concept.

3. Importing, exporting and managing data.

4. Creating a report just by pressing a button!

(The 5. point is lacking: send to editor.)


Try our software and tell us your suggestions!

Download for free the Hungarian version!

You can buy the English version here.

The software is not open source, but we are opened for your ideas and we can certainly cooperate if you can add further algorithms.

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